The Colorado Plateau Revisited Pt. 3 – Chequerboard Mesa, Red Canyon & Bryce Canyon

Moving on from the fabulous Zion National Park we headed for Chequerboard Mesa, Red Canyon and finally Bryce Canyon where we stayed at Ruby’s Inn, a fabulous western style lodge.

These first couple of images are of Chequerboard Mesa, a remarkable white sandstone formation carved into square blocks by the elements and the effects of erosion.

Chequerboard Mesa

Chequerboard Mesa

_GNE0877 HDR

Chequerboard Mesa & Old Tree

Our next stop was Red Canyon aptly named with its rich red colouring and stark blue skies. Traversing the tracks amongst the formations was rather difficult with all the loose gravel and stone. One had to be careful to remain upright and avoid ending up with a dusty red seat on their pants.


Ridge walkers at Red Canyon

_GNE0927 Red Canyon WEB

Red Canyon Formations

_GNE0950 WEB

Red Canyon – Balanced Formations

Our destination of Bryce Canyon allowed for a couple of days viewing the Hoodoos – the name given to the towering columns, and exploring the canyon floor. A photographers delight, the richly coloured canyons and structures cast magnificent reflected light that simply glows as if it was illuminated from within in some cases. The following images taken over a couple of days will give you some idea of this amazing place.


A lone photographer taking it to the edge.


Clinging on for life.


Tree roots suspended by the effects of erosion.

_GNE1025 HDR WEB _GNE1043 Bryce Pano WEB _GNE1110 Single WEB _GNE1126 HDR DPI _GNE1153 HDR DPI _GNE1168 _GNE1174 HDR BLOG _GNE1207 HDR Blog _GNE1213 HDR WEB _GNE1228 HDR Blog _GNE1237HDR WEB _GNE1315 HDR WEB _GNE1318 HDR _GNE1387 HDR Blog _GNE1466 Limber pine BLOG_GNE1475 HDR BLOGWith our visit to Bryce Canyon completed our next destination was Kodachrome Valley, this and many more spectacular locations will be covered in Part 4 of our journey through the region.