Allow me to introduce myself.

I’m a lifelong photographer who loves travel and photography. I also enjoy teaching others the finer points of photography. I am a member of the Australian Photographic Judges Association, Australian Photographic Society and the Photographic Society of America. I have earned the honours of AFIAP (Artiste – International Federation of Photographic Art) and AAPS (Associate – Australian Photographic Society) through the exhibition of my work internationally.

My photographic interests are broad and include most genres of the art with a particular passion for landscapes where the scene becomes all about the play of light upon the subject. Creative flower photography is another favourite subject which allows room for personal expression. I also like working with monochrome images having come from the era of film cameras.

I also enjoy judging the work of club photographers as this allows me to share my knowledge and experience of exhibition photography in a constructive manner.

Equipment wise, I prefer to work with Nikon cameras with the D5 and D850 models and a compliment of fast prime lenses.


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