Ambleside UK – People and Their Dogs

After spending a week based in Ambleside photographing the beautiful Lakes District, we decided to devote our last afternoon to observing both the people and their dogs as they went about their day.

It soon became obvious that the town was a mecca for walkers and pet lovers with many of the numerous shops and restaurants displaying signs that dogs are welcome. Yes welcome to come inside, just not on wet days in some establishments.

With the Lakes district known for its high rainfall one must wonder how many days of the year are doggy friendly ones._GNE8186_GNE8164 Mono

_GNE8156 Mono

But who could resist admiring some of these adorable four legged friends.

With dogs of many shapes and sizes in every direction you looked it was possible at most times to stand on the corner of the street and count at least half a dozen dogs on leads with their owners in tow. Some dogs were anxious to get to where they were going._GNE8170 Mono_GNE8162 Mono_GNE8153 Mono

There were also the patient ones that were prepared to wait around while their human companions went about their business of having an ice cream or waiting for a friend._GNE8177 Mono_GNE8159 Mono_GNE8160 Mono

Wherever you looked dogs were welcomed and obviously a big part of the mature family. We noted at the time that there was a distinct lack of children around and the dogs were plainly now entrenched as part of the family, something we sometimes refer to as empty nesters._GNE8196 MonoLooking at the people was just as interesting. I guess this lady in the passing bus was just as amused by two strangers in town walking around with big cameras. Her expression was classic._GNE8163 Mono

The hotels were busy with locals and tourists alike. This was one of our favourite dinner spots during our stay._GNE8155 MonoA mild 12 degree (54F) day for us, but no doubt quite summery for these parts of Cumbria, saw the ice cream vendors doing a steady trade._GNE8193_GNE8175 Mono

_GNE8181 Mono

I guess what ever way you look at it, Ambleside is a lovely village and a great place to base one’s self for a tour of the Lakes District._GNE8180 Mono

_GNE8196 Mono 2

_GNE8186 Mono

More details of our travels through Cumbria to follow shortly.