Green Point to Dendy Street Brighton with the Lee Big Stopper

Green Point is just a little further south of the popular Dendy Street beach at Brighton. A lovely stretch of beach and a favourite for visitors to Melbourne with its colourfully painted bathing boxes.

A visit on a rather chilly and windy day made for a great opportunity to do some long exposures where the movement of the waves could be flattened out and the clouds would streak nicely across the sky.

Using the Nikon D810 and a wide angle lens it was a matter of reducing the bright morning light sufficiently to increase the exposures to around 90 seconds. With the clouds moving quite quickly on the day, this was enough to produce some great effects using a 10 stop Lee Big Stopper neutral density filter.

With the filter in place and the eyepiece covered in order to block out any stray light creeping in through the viewfinder, the rest was just a matter of finding the right composition.

Here are a few results from the day, I hope you like the effect.

_GNE6114 WEB _GNE6119 DPI _GNE6122 WEB _GNE6123 WEB