The Colorado Plateau Revisited – Part 4 Kodachrome Basin State Park

After Bryce Canyon we headed on to Kodachrome Basin State Park, Utah. It is situated 5,800 feet above sea level, 12 miles south of Utah Route 12, and 20 miles southeast of Bryce Canyon National Park. On the day that we arrived it was obvious that there was a change in the weather happening as the sunny blue skies continued to darken with the approach of a heavy cloud bank. The walking tracks through the colourful formations were interspersed with wash-outs and dry creek beds. With the approaching weather one eye was kept on the sky while we spent a couple of hours exploring the tracks. A heavy deluge would have certainly spelt trouble but the photography had to be done never the less. Much to my surprise with all the threatening build, up not a drop of rain or snow fell on the park, it all went around us. Nearby peaks above 8,000 feet did get a covering overnight but we just got the spectacular sky show. Enjoy the images and watch the skies as I take you on a tour of this truly remarkable place. _GNE1587 Str _GNE1742_GNE1738 _GNE1718 _GNE1714 _GNE1712 _GNE1680 _GNE1670 Vt Pano _GNE1668 _GNE1667 Hat Shop _GNE1664 _GNE1661 _GNE1659 _GNE1658 WEB copy _GNE1649 PANO WEB _GNE1632 _GNE1631 WEB _GNE1628 WEB _GNE1620 _GNE1609 WEB _GNE1606 WEB _GNE1740_GNE1597 WEB _GNE1593 WEB