A Step Back in Time

A visit to Coal Creek Community Park & Museum created great opportunities for photography.

Coal Creek is a small recreated town in the South Gippsland area of Victoria, Australia, now essentially a suburb of Korumburra. Black coal was discovered in the area in 1872, and the region subsequently developed an important coal mining industry.

Old buildings crammed with relics from a past era authentically displayed complete with cobwebs and dust added to the atmosphere.

Rather than capture the wider scenes of the views of the buildings and surrounds, my mission was to hone in on the smaller detail using just the one lens, (105mm f1.4), which in itself created quite a challenge in the confined spaces. The use of the shallow depth of field and the lovely indirect lighting produced some pleasing results on the day.

Shearer’s wool basket

Grocery shop scale weights

2 comments on “A Step Back in Time

  1. Great images, great job capturing all of that detail!

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