Kilcunda Ocean Beach

A visit to Kilcunda on a field trip with our local photography group initially posed a few challenges weather wise. Overcast conditions and a few light showers passing through the region made one have to think at first as to how to approach the venture. Kilcunda is a seaside town located 117 kilometres south east of Melbourne between Phillip Island and Wonthaggi on the Bass Highway, in the Bass Coast Shire of Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. On previous visits I have only ever seen the area bathed in clear blue skies with white capped waves rolling off the gorgeous blue ocean. Today was a little different – dull and cloudy with a chilly wind. So what to do. I wandered around for quite a while looking at familiar subjects and trying to become inspired. It wasn’t until I actually picked up the camera and held it in my hand that ideas started to come together. It must be the magical powers of the SLR. Starting with the old trestle bridge that spans the Bourne Creek the problem was the wind whipping up ripples on the water that spoilt the reflections. Ok so some long exposures were needed to flatten out the water. Surprisingly the results were rather pleasing.

Trestle Bridge at Bourne Creek

Trestle Bridge at Bourne Creek

_GNE6065 _GNE6053 V3 BLOG With the low tide many of the rocks were more exposed than I had seen them before. This gave the opportunity to venture out a litter further than normal and once again some long exposures were the theme. _GNE6070 _GNE6092 DPI Blu _GNE6086 DPI Blu Well that took care of a couple of hours of the day, provided some exercise and fresh air in the lungs so all in all it turned out a rather successful venture. A quick visit to nearby Shelley Beach and a hearty lunch topped off the day. _GNE6096


The amazing rock formations here are very different from the ones near the creek and would easily warrant another visit just for them alone. Yes there’s always another day and another reason to come back.

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