Welcome to My Blog

I welcome you to my new Blog. I trust that you will enjoy my passion for photography and the interesting stories that will accompany my images from time to time. I am fortunate to share this passion with my dear wife of over 44 years, who is also an accomplished photographer in her own right.

We both love to travel and enjoy the pleasure of the company of the many friends that we have made through our involvement with our photography and through our association with our local camera club and the U3A photography group to which we also belong.

Sometimes my posts will be of an educational nature but mostly they will be about our fabulous journeys to far off places with our valued friend and colleague Ian Rolfe, to whom we owe so much for the wonderful experiences we have had on his photographic tours.

Please feel free to join me by clicking on the “Follow Me” button to enjoy the journey that this new venture of Blogging will take us.

To view more galleries of images please feel free visit my web site at http://www.gregearlphotography.com.au

6 comments on “Welcome to My Blog

  1. Snezana Djacic says:

    Amazing images Greg, looking forward to seeing more stunning photos from your trips:)

  2. Bob Clothier says:

    Well written together with such high quality images Greg. Feel extremely proud-you deserve to.

  3. Pam Rixon says:

    Your Blog is very good Greg. Well written and superb photos. I just hope I can keep up.

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